Twenty The Webseries
lgbt, comedy
Twenty examines the comedic complexities of interpersonal relationships, focusing on the stories of women and more specifically, LGBT women who are often inaccurately represented in the limelight. Why do we stay in uncomfortable situations? Why do we drive hours out of our way for our friends? Why do we persevere in our passions? Why do we love who we love?

Twenty is designed to open a doorway for comedies that are relatable to everyone while highlighting the experience of LGBT women in today’s world. Young female sexuality is almost always talked about in relation to men and in many ways men are expected to find your sexuality for you. This narrative is harmful to young men and women regardless of sexuality but for queer women it can often be detrimental to developing a true understanding of self. Discovering and owning your sexuality as a young queer woman should be exciting and empowering and I Twenty helps create a doorway for more media that fosters that kind of self discovery.