TOKENS is a short form digital series about the actors of an “On Call Casting Agency” specializing in diversity. Whoever is on call is randomly sent out to sets desperate to hit their diversity quotas, often cast in a role they least expect. Think Uber for actors. Created by Playback’s 5-to-Watch, Winnifred Jong, and produced with Trinni Franke, TOKENS is a comedic look at the challenges of making film and television in the era of political correctness.


Season 1Episode 1
Season 1Episode 1
TOKENS - EPISODE 1: "Courage"
Season 1Episode 2
TOKENS - EPISODE 2: "Your Inner Bruce Lee"
Season 1Episode 3
TOKENS - EPISODE 3: "Finding Cinderella"
Season 1Episode 4
TOKENS - EPISODE 4: "Include the Kitchen Sink"
Season 1Episode 5
TOKENS - EPISODE 5: "Put Your Best Head Forward"
Season 1Episode 6
TOKENS - EPISODE 6: "Whitewashing"
Season 1Episode 7
TOKENS - EPISODE 7: "Dreams Start Somewhere"
Season 1Episode 8
TOKENS - EPISODE 8: "This. Is. Real"
Season 1 Episode 1 TOKENS - EPISODE 1: "Courage"

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