THE LATE, LATE NEWS is a hilarious parody of 24 hour cable news channels, and their coverage of current events.

Led by a washed-up, egotistical newsman whose bad behavior has him stuck with an inept crew of young, clueless reporters, this scrappy group of journalists will do whatever it takes to get the story - even if they look bad doing it! Consider it the latest news, only later-er.

Created, written and produced by Chris Hadley, and co-produced by Rafi Najeeb.

Casts & Crew

Chris Hadley
Creator, Writer, Producer
Paula Shreve
Actor, "Jenny Taylor"
Manny Fajardo
Actor, "Albert Andrews"


Season 1Episode 1
Season 1Episode 1
"Net Neutrality Debate"
Season 1Episode 2
"Crisis In The Middle East"
Season 1Episode 3
"Spoiler Alert"
Season 1Episode 4
Season 1 Episode 1 "Net Neutrality Debate"

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