All his life, Paul (Paul Gosselin) wanted to be an actor on the daytime drama, Guiding Light, but after CBS canceled the series after 72 years, Paul thought it was high time to pack up his life in New York City and move to Los Angeles. While in the City of Angels, now home to the four remaining US soap operas, Paul seeks out wisdom and inspiration in navigating this disappearing industry from the one person he believes has all the answers, Susan Lucci, aka "Big Sue."

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Paul Gosselin
Creator, Writer, Director, Actor


Season 1Episode 1
Season 1
Season 1Episode 1
The Best Friend
Season 1Episode 2
The Casting Director
Season 1Episode 3
The Writer
Season 1Episode 4
The Actresses
Season 1Episode 5
The Diva
Season 3Episode 16
The Answers
Season 2
TrailerPart II Promo
Season 2Episode 6
The Meeting
Season 2Episode 7
The Audition
Season 2Episode 8
The Visit
Season 2Episode 9
The Secret
Season 2Episode 10
The Dream
Season 3
TrailerPreviously On...
Season 3
TrailerMISGUIDED: Part III Teaser
Season 3Episode 11
The Reboot
Season 3Episode 12
The Beginning
Season 3Episode 13
The Memories
Season 3Episode 14
The Engagement
Season 3Episode 15
The Wedding
Season 1 TrailerPrologue

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