Hellgate Academy
comedy, fantasy
Hellgate Academy is an urban fantasy dark comedy webseries about a young man from Astoria, New York who learns after years of living as a human, that he is actually a Demon. We follow his story as he struggles through his Tempter training at Hellgate Academy. The series takes inspiration from the fantasy stories of writers like C.S. Lewis (The Screwtape Letters), Dante (The Divine Comedy), Milton (Paradise Lost), the Book of Revelations, and the “seven deadly sins."
Season 1Episode 1
Season 1Episode 1
Hellgate Academy | Ep. 101 - First Rites - Pilot [HD] | YouTube
Season 1
TrailerHellgate Academy | Official Pilot Episode Trailer [HD] | YouTube
Season 1Episode 1Hellgate Academy | Ep. 101 - First Rites - Pilot [HD] | YouTube
Kane Prestenback
Creator, Producer, Writer