Dear Dark Lord
comedy, horror
'Dear Dark Lord' is a web series that chronicles a young woman's dual struggles to: 1) Make it in the big city, and 2) Serve an unholy wretch known as "The Dark Lord." This web series explores the questions we all grapple with in our 20s. Will our hero succeed at her internship? Will her date with Clark go well? Will she find someone to sacrifice to the Dark Lord before He consumes her soul?
Season 1Episode 1
I've Read Your Book
Season 1Episode 2
No Strings Attached
Season 1Episode 3
Some Time Alone, Alone
Season 1Episode 4
Power Structures, Performativity and the Temptations of Ritual Sacrifice
Season 1Episode 5
Don Draper Does the Famous Coke Ad
Season 1Episode 6
The Cobbler to the Power of Birdman
Season 1Episode 7
Your Soul, A Loan
Season 1Episode 8
The Ritual of Magick Friendship
Season 1Episode 1I've Read Your Book
Pat Cavanaugh
Creator, Writer, Producer, Composer
Ryan Tristram Eakins
Director, VFX, Editor, Writer, Producer
Sarah Halle Corey
Director, Producer, Story
Savanna Rae
Cora/The Dark Lord
Rich Coleman
Lev Cantrol