romance, lgbt
A modern take on Sheridan Le Fanu's gothic novella, Carmilla follows Silas University freshman Laura Hollis as she investigates her the disappearance of her roommate while dealing with her odd, nocturnal and sarcastic new roomie Carmilla - who may or may not be a centuries-old vampiress. Mixing the camp of Buffy, the snark of Veronica Mars and the eerie quality of Welcome to Nightvale.
Season 1Episode 1
Season 1Episode 1
Carmilla - The Series | S1 E1 "Disorientation"
Season 1Episode 2
Carmilla | S1 E2 "Missing"
Season 1Episode 3
Carmilla | S1 E3 "The Roommate"
Season 1Episode 4
Carmilla | S1 E4 "Freak OUT"
Season 1Episode 5
Carmilla | S1 E5 "Patterns"
Season 1Episode 6
Carmilla | S1 E6 "Why Bother?"
Season 1Episode 7
Carmilla | S1 E7 "Town Hall"
Season 1Episode 8
Carmilla | S1 E8 "Pitsa i Thanato"
Season 1Episode 9
Carmilla | S1 E9 "Nancy Drew"
Season 1Episode 10
Carmilla | S1 E10 "The Real Betty"
Season 1Episode 11
Carmilla | S1 E11 "A Visit From The Dean"
Season 2Episode 1
Carmilla | S2 E1 "Brave New World"
Season 1Episode 12
Carmilla | S1 E12 "Evidence"
Season 2Episode 2
Carmilla | S2 E2 "The Voice Of Silas"
Season 1Episode 13
Carmilla | S1 E13 "I, Spy"
Season 2Episode 3
Carmilla | S2 E3 "SNN"
Season 1Episode 14
Carmilla | S1 E14 "Research Trip"
Season 2Episode 4
Carmilla | S2 E4 "War & Pieces"
Season 2Episode 5
Carmilla | S2 E5 "Something Wicked"
Season 1Episode 15
Carmilla | S1 E15 "My Roommate, The Vampire"
Season 1Episode 16
Carmilla | S1 E16 "Best Laid Plans"
Season 2Episode 6
Carmilla | S2 E6 "The Chair of the Board"
Season 2Episode 7
Carmilla | S2 E7 "Arrangements For Living"
Season 1Episode 17
Carmilla | S1 E17 "It's A Trap"
Season 1Episode 18
Carmilla | S1 E18 "While You Weren't Watching"
Season 2Episode 8
Carmilla | S2 E8 "Vanishing Act"
Season 2Episode 9
Carmilla | S2 E9 "Cutting Losses"
Season 1Episode 19
Carmilla | S1 E19 "Advanced Interrogation Techniques"
Season 2Episode 10
Carmilla | S2 E10 "Sister Spycraft"
Season 1Episode 20
Carmilla | S1 E20 "Sock Puppets and European History"
Season 3Episode 1
Carmilla | S3 E1 "I Know What You Didn't Do Last Summer"
Season 1Episode 21
Carmilla | S1 E21 "Strategic Planning"
Season 2Episode 11
Carmilla | S2 E11 "Adonis Interrupted"
Season 2Episode 12
Carmilla | S2 E12 "Enter the Lugenbaron"
Season 3Episode 2
Carmilla | S3 E2 "Bad Blood"
Season 1Episode 22
Carmilla | S1 E22 "Afterbite"
Season 2Episode 13
Carmilla | S2 E13 "Emergency Procedures"
Season 1Episode 23
Carmilla | S1 E23 "We Need To Talk About Carmilla"
Season 3Episode 3
Carmilla | S3 E3 "Checkpoint"
Season 1Episode 24
Carmilla | S1 E24 "Breaking Up (With An Amazon) Is Hard To Do"
Season 2Episode 14
Carmilla | S2 E14 "Sous Les Paves"
Season 3Episode 4
Carmilla | S3 E4 "Relative Positions"
Season 1Episode 25
Carmilla | S1 E25 "Basic Parasitology"
Season 2Episode 15
Carmilla | S2 E15 "No Heroics"
Season 3Episode 5
Carmilla | S3 E5 "Raiders of the Lost Heart"
Season 2Episode 16
Carmilla | S2 E16 "Old Habits"
Season 3Episode 6
Carmilla | S3 E6 "Best Laid Plans"
Season 1Episode 26
Carmilla | S1 E26 "The Standard Issue"
Season 3Episode 7
Carmilla | S3 E7 "By The Book"
Season 1Episode 27
Carmilla | S1 E27 "Required Reading"
Season 2Episode 17
Carmilla | S2 E17 "The Great Debate Prep"
Season 3Episode 8
Carmilla | S3 E8 "All The Rage"
Season 1Episode 28
Carmilla | S1 E28 "Blame Enough For All"
Season 2Episode 18
Carmilla | S2 E18 "Coup De Grace"
Season 2Episode 19
Carmilla | S2 E19 "Dividing Lines"
Season 3Episode 9
Carmilla | S3 E9 "Meet The Parent"
Season 1Episode 29
Carmilla | S1 E29 "PTSD & Brownies"
Season 1Episode 30
Carmilla | S1 E30 "Monsters, Lies & Videotapes"
Season 3Episode 10
Carmilla | S3 E10 "Crossroads"
Season 2Episode 20
Carmilla | S2 E20 "Damage Control"
Season 2Episode 21
Carmilla | S2 E21 "Prisoner's Dilemma"
Season 3Episode 11
Carmilla | S3 E11 "What Fresh Intel Is This?"
Season 1Episode 31
Carmilla | S1 E31 "Of Hearts And Holy Hand Grenades"
Season 1Episode 32
Carmilla | S1 E32 "Mommy Dearest"
Season 2Episode 22
Carmilla | S2 E22 "Compulsory Violence"
Season 3Episode 12
Carmilla | S3 E12 "Memory Lane"
Season 3Episode 13
Carmilla | S3 E13 "Warning Signs"
Season 2Episode 23
Carmilla | S2 E23 "Wild Kingdom"
Season 1Episode 33
Carmilla | S1 E33 "Pep Rally"
Season 2Episode 24
Carmilla | S2 E24 "Hunger Games"
Season 1Episode 34
Carmilla | S1 E34 "Do Not Go Into The Light"
Season 3Episode 14
Carmilla | S3 E14 "Order of Magnitude"
Season 2Episode 25
Carmilla | S2 E25 "Bluster and Consequences"
Season 1Episode 35
Carmilla | S1 E35 "Heroic Vampire Bull****"
Season 3Episode 15
Carmilla | S3 E15 "Risk Assessments"
Season 2Episode 26
Carmilla | S2 E26 "Concerned Parties"
Season 3Episode 16
Carmilla | S3 E16 "Regrets, I've Had A Few"
Season 1Episode 36
Carmilla | S1 E36 "Life Goes On"
Season 1Episode 37
Carmilla | The Christmas Special
Season 2Episode 27
Carmilla | S2 E27 "Zones of Friendship"
Season 3Episode 17
Carmilla | S3 E17 "Demon Summoning Made Simple"
Season 2Episode 28
Carmilla | S2 E28 "Spilled Blood"
Season 3Episode 18
Carmilla | S3 E18 "The Heart of The Matter"
Season 3Episode 19
Carmilla | S3 E19 "Coping Strategies"
Season 2Episode 29
Carmilla | S2 E29 "Godslayer"
Season 2Episode 30
Carmilla | S2 E30 "Co-Existence"
Season 3Episode 20
Carmilla | S3 E20 "Circular Logic"
Season 2Episode 31
Carmilla | S2 E31 "Siege Tactics"
Season 3Episode 21
Carmilla | S3 E21 "The Exorcism of Lola Perry"
Season 3Episode 22
Carmilla | S3 E22 "Fun and Mind Games"
Season 2Episode 32
Carmilla | S2 E32 "Radio Letter"
Season 2Episode 33
Carmilla | S2 E33 "Just In Case"
Season 3Episode 23
Carmilla | S3 E23 "Family Feud"
Season 3Episode 24
Carmilla | S3 E24 "Break On Through"
Season 2Episode 34
Carmilla | S2 E34 "Last Call"
Season 3Episode 25
Carmilla | S3 E25 "… To The Other Side"
Season 2Episode 35
Carmilla | S2 E35 "Not Afraid"
Season 3Episode 26
Carmilla | S3 E26 "Objects in the Rearview Mirror"
Season 2Episode 36
Carmilla | S2 E36 "The Execution of Carmilla Karnstein"
Season 3Episode 27
Carmilla | S3 E27 "If You're Lost, You Can Look"
Season 3Episode 28
Carmilla | S3 E28 "Time After Time"
Season 3Episode 29
Carmilla | S3 E29 "Back to the Total Lack of Future"
Season 3Episode 30
Carmilla | S3 E30 "Narrowing Paths"
Season 3Episode 31
Carmilla | S3 E31"Long Goodbyes"
Season 3Episode 32
Carmilla | S3 E32 "Places to Go, People to See"
Season 3Episode 33
Carmilla | S3 E33 "A God Walks Into A Giant Pit…"
Season 3Episode 34
Carmilla | S3 E34 "They Blinded Me With Science"
Season 3Episode 35
Carmilla | S3 E35 "Hell Hath No Fury"
Season 3Episode 36
Carmilla | S3 E36 "Post Apocalypse" | Series Finale
Season 1Episode 1Carmilla - The Series | S1 E1 "Disorientation"