Better With You
comedy, romance
Iris loves attention, Warner loves flying under the radar. So what happens when they meet at a party and fall for each other? They say opposites attract - but when one person wants to be surrounded by people and that makes the other a little woozy, is it really worth it?

A romantic comedy series set at Halloween, coming Fall 2019!
Season 1Episode 0
Season 1
TrailerBetter With You- A Halloween Romance
Season 1Episode 1
Twenty Feet Left of Center
Season 1Episode 2
When All This Hallow-Madness Is Over
Season 1Episode 3
Reese’s or Kit Kat?
Season 1Episode 4
Classic Slasher
Season 1Episode 5
Time for a Little Compromise
Season 1Episode 6
You’re Not the Only Person in My Life
Season 1Episode 7
Everything I Need
Season 1TrailerBetter With You- A Halloween Romance
Amanda Taylor
Creator, writer, 'Iris'
Bri Castellini
Colin Hinckley