What is Stareable Enrich?

Stareable Enrich enables fans to support their favorite web series and web series creators through one-time payments or monthly subscriptions that offer an enriched experience and bonus content.

Why is Stareable Enrich?

Stareable wants to simplify the process of promoting your work by putting everything in one place—your Stareable page! Now, creators will be able to:

  • embed episodes from YouTube, Facebook, and Vimeo so fans can watch the show right on Stareable…
  • list cast and crew right on Stareable…
  • encourage cast and crew to make profiles so fans can get more info right on Stareable…
  • add updates about the show right on Stareable...
  • and monetize right on Stareable!
  • One link, full immersion for fans.

    Who is Stareable Enrich?

    Every creator (based in the US or Canada) with a Stareable show page has the opportunity to activate Enrich for their show. Creators have the option to create monthly support tiers and/or enable one-time donations.

    How is Stareable Enrich?

    We use Stripe to support all our online payments. Yes, you can trust them! Millions of companies use Stripe, including Amazon, Lyft, Kickstarter, and Facebook. We don’t mess around when it comes to payment processing.

    When is Stareable Enrich?

    Right now? This particular question/answer format was a mistake.


    How do I enable Enrich on my Stareable page?

    Click “Edit Show” on your Dashboard or Stareable page. You will find “Enrich” listed in the left sidebar.

    If I own more than one show on Stareable, do I have to set up Enrich for each one?

    You can decide whether you want to enable Enrich for all your shows, or just some of them. Each show has its own tiers and supporters.

    Can I transfer my supporters from one show to another?

    No. We recommend reaching out to your current supporters with Stareable Updates and inviting them to join you on your next adventure.

    How should I set up my Enrich to be successful?

    Check out our best practices page!

    When will Enrich be available in places other than the US and Canada?

    Soon, hopefully! We’ll be sure to update you as soon as we have something to update you about!

    How often will I get paid?

    Supporters are charged at the first of the month, and you’ll receive your payout within 7 days. You can manage your balance and invoices at Settings → Enrich Payout (link).

    How can I contact my supporters?

    The best way is to compose and post supporter-specific Stareable Updates! You’ll be able to lock posts to specific tiers, or to all paid tiers, so that only the supporters you’re trying to communicate with are communicated to. You can also download your supporters’ emails by heading to Dashboard → Export CSV. The CSV file will include all current supporter email addresses.

    How do I deliver my monthly exclusive content to my supporters?

    That’s up to you! We suggest using Stareable Updates, which you can lock to certain tiers. All non-supporters will see is the fact that there is an update they can’t read and a link to become a supporter that will unlock the content.

    How can I update my payout info?

    Go to Settings → Payment Settings

    What happens if I decide I no longer want to be “Enriched”?

    You can go to Edit Tier → Delete Tier. Before doing so, please be aware of the following:

  • Supporters have already been charged and you have already been paid for this month.
  • You will lose access to the tier’s dashboard stats and CSV on the 1st of next month.
  • You will lose access to all transaction history (payouts and payments) for this tier on the first of next month.
  • Why can't I create more than 2 tiers per show?

    We wanted to start simple to test this feature and how creators and supporters alike use it. Once we have more active data, we’re totally open to increasing the number of tiers! Have a compelling reason why we should? Send us an email!

    What's the minimum price I can set for a tier?

    We have a $5 minimum in order to cover transaction fees.

    What's the maximum price I can set for a tier?

    There isn’t one! But be reasonable, and check out our best practices page for advice on how to set your prices.

    What happens if I increase the price of one of my tiers?

    The change will go into effect on the 1st of the following month. Your existing supporters will be notified, and they will have *until the end of the month* to confirm their support. If they do not confirm their support at the new tier price, their subscriptions will expire at the end of the month and you will no longer receive monthly support from them.

    What happens if I decrease the price of one of my tiers?

    Your existing supporters will be notified of the change, but they won’t need to opt-in. At the beginning of the next month, they’ll just be charged less for the same subscription.

    What happens if I can’t deliver on the rewards I promised, in spite of my best efforts to do so?

    A community is built on trust, so we encourage you to do the right thing. If you can deliver on the rewards in the future, communicate that. If you need to change the promised rewards to match your actual ability to deliver them, communicate that. You also have the option to refund your supporters by going to Enrich Payout → selecting the “Charges” tab, and clicking “Issue Refund” for each supporter you wish to refund for that month. We also recommend using Stareable Updates to explain why you could not deliver. It happens—just be ready to own up to it!

    Why is my money broken up into “pending” and “available”?

    Due to bank, country, Stripe, and other factors, there will be at least a two day delay between a supporter sending money via Enrich and your ability to transfer that balance to your own account. So “pending” is the money from supporters that still needs another day or two, and “available” is the money you can transfer to your bank account immediately.


    Do I have to create an account in order to become a supporter?

    Yup! We require that you have a Stareable account in order to make recurring monthly payments.

    Do I need to make an account for a one-time donation?

    Nope! We will need your name, email, and credit card to process the transaction and send you an invoice, but you can do all of that without making a Stareable account.

    What if the show I want to support doesn’t have a “Support” button enabled on their page?

    That means that the show creator has not set up Enrich for their show. You should reach out to them and request it! It would probably make them very happy to hear from you.

    Where can I see all the shows I’m supporting?

    First, make sure you’re logged into your account! You should see all your shows under the “Supporting” tab here

    You can access this page from anywhere on the site—just click “Explore Shows” in the main navigation bar.

    When will my credit card get charged if I subscribe to a tier?

    On the day you become a supporter and then on the first of every month.

    Is there a minimum donation amount?

    Yes, there is a $5 minimum in order to cover transaction fees.

    What is the creator transaction fee, and why would I cover it?

    The creator fee is the percentage of your support that ordinarily would go towards covering credit card transaction fees and our own platform fee, meaning that if you pledged $10/month, the creator wouldn’t actually receive the full $10. However, if you’d like your creator to get the full $10, you can opt to cover the fee yourself, which varies from person to person depending on location and credit card company but will usually be under 10% of the total support amount.

    What does it mean if support tier says “10 available” or “8 of 10 claimed”?

    Depending on what they’re offering in exchange for monthly support, some creators may choose to limit the number of supporters that can subscribe to a tier. This may happen if the creator has promised a physical reward, like merchandise or a postcard, or something that would be hard to fulfill the more people who sign up.

    Where can I find a list of all my previous payments and invoices?

    Go to Settings → Payment Settings

    What happens if I cancel my tier subscription?

    You will continue to have access to the on-platform rewards (such as tier-locked Updates) through the end of the month in which you cancelled. On the 1st of the following month, you’ll lose that access to all paid content (even content you could previously see).

    What happens if the show I support doesn’t deliver on their rewards?

    Unfortunately, Stareable can’t help you here. The rewards and their delivery are the sole responsibility of the show creators. You can reach out to them by navigating to Settings → Payment Settings → Get In Touch.